Supporting Local Farmers & Growing Healthy Children

Isn’t it funny that often the best practice for our environment and local community also is the best thing we can do for ourselves? This month we purchased some of our produce through the Local Food Connection which connects businesses like ours with local farmers. The carrots are Grade B, hence the wonky shapes (but still beautiful & just as nutritious!) and came from Mt Pleasant Acres in Owingsville , KY. The mushrooms were ends and stems from Prayer Mountain Mushrooms in Upton , KY.

They were worked into a number of dishes these past few weeks, including the Sun Seed Pad Thai, Veggie Pizza, Tomato Basil Soup, & Lasagna. The children even helped prepare the carrots as part of their curriculum (Cooking with Miss Kristy is a favorite activity) and we showed the kids the funkiest shaped and colored ones we could find!

We feel good knowing we’re supporting local farmers and businesses, minimizing our environmental impact, and serving the healthiest of foods, all while making it a part of an experiential education lesson for the children. Thank you to the Local Food Connection and the farmers who make this possible!

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